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Welcome to globalprintstudios, the directory of printmaking facilities in the commercial, not-for-profit and education sectors.

The directory is organised and run by londonprintstudio. It is a free online resource to facilitate exchange and communication within the printmaking community.

Inclusion in the directory is offered to all studios that provide a service to others. Services may vary from workshops and classes to editioning or accredited education and training.

To be included in the directory complete the on-line form, and post it to the database by clicking the enter button. Your information will subsequently be available to others searching on the Internet.

We hope that over time the globalprintstudios will grow to provide an online resource for people searching for printmaking facilities locally and globally, but this will only be possible if the wider printmaking community is aware that the directory exists.

Please help to promote the globalprintstudios by adding a link to it from your own website.

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If you know of studios that would benefit from being included please pass this URL to them or email with their contact details.